A Summer Holiday Essential – Pyramid Trek

Summer Essentials, Trek Spray

A Summer Holiday Essential – Pyramid Trek

Are you looking for the perfect bug repellent spray for your holidays this summer? The Pyramid Trek Spay is the perfect choice for your travels. If you’re travelling by plane, there’s no need to buy additional travel bottles as the spray comes in bottles of 100ml and under, so you can take it in your hand luggage and breeze through airport security. Apply the spray wherever you are! In some cases, insect bites can cause serious illnesses and infections, so it’s better to be safer than sorry and carry the Pyramid Trek Spray.

Who are Pyramid?

For over 20 years, Pyramid Travel has developed products that protect against insects and diseases around the world. Pyramid specialises in both DEET and DEET-FREE insect repellents, and they are all manufactured at Pyramid’s head office in Kelso. Pyramid are always improving its products to the best standards for the best performance.

Trek Natural

DEET-free is plant-based. Trek have a family-friendly range that offers great protection without DEET. The DEET-free Pyramid Trek Spray is a must have, as well as its fresh smell. It is easy to apply and can be used on children from 6 months! Trek Natural gives 10hours of protection depending on activity during the day. Just apply by spraying the bottle onto exposed skin, and you’re ready to go! We sell a 60ml and a 100ml bottle, both handy sizes to fit in your bag and take anywhere with you.


Are you travelling somewhere tropical? Try the Pyramid Trek 20 Spray. The spray is part of our DEET range. The spray is ideal for everyday travel and family use. Rest assured knowing you and your family are protected from bites. DEET is designed to apply directly to people’s skin and is used to repel bites from insects like mosquitos. It is proven to prevent bites. Instead of killing insects, DEET makes it harder for the insects to smell humans. Trek 20 provides up to 4 hours of protection dependent on activities and can be used twice a day.
We also have Pyramid Trek 50 spray. This is the strongest mosquito repellent. Perfect for explorers and long haul travellers, the spray can be applied in between flights if you need to stop off before you arrive at your destination. The Trek 50 spray provides up to 6 hours of protection and can be used twice a day, early in the morning and early evening.
Both of our Pyramid Trek DEET sprays come in a 60ml bottle.

Bug Bite Spray

In the event of being bit, for fast relief with the effective ingredient of Aloe Vera, Bug Bite Relief will help you to cool the skin and reduce the pain from your bite. The spray bottle is 60ml, and you can reapply it whenever you need it. With approximately 150 sprays per bottle, it will last a long time!

Wherever you are heading this summer, whether it’s a camping holiday or an exotic getaway, get prepared for your summer travels early and check out our Pyramid Trek range today!

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