Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser- The Benefits

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser- The Benefits

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser- The Benefits

This pandemic has revealed the extreme importance of proper hygiene, no matter where in the world you are. That’s why we now stock a wide variety of hygiene products, to ensure our customers in the UK can stay safe in these trying times. When looking through our large collection of hygiene products, you may have noticed all of our hand sanitisers are alcohol-free. Why is that?

1.      Toxicity

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser can prevent a serious toxicity hazard when ingested. We consider this to be a major disadvantage in a few scenarios.

  • Children can easily be tempted by bottles of sanitiser, and in today’s environment, it’s vital to keep a bottle within reach or in your bag to maintain proper hygiene standards. Therefore, keeping an item of high toxicity in close proximity to children (and on their hands) may not be ideal
  • In a backpack, be it for camping or work, food/utensils may be kept in close proximity to hand sanitiser. If a spillage or leak occurred, this could easily resu7lt in the accidental ingestion of hand sanitiser.

Therefore, we consider alcohol-based sanitiser to be a notable toxicity risk.

With an alcohol-free sanitiser, the solution typically only contains one active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride. This quaternary ammonium is used in almost minuscule proportions, making up 0,.1% of the content of a solution. This is in stark contrast to the 92-95% alcohol content you are likely to find in your typical alcohol-based sanitiser. Because of this, alcohol-free hand sanitiser presents a much lower toxicity risk

2.      Skincare

Alcohol-based products have a well-known side effect that can occur due to repeated use. Alcohol-based sanitiser may lead to irritation and dry skin – that could begin to crack. This is because the alcohol content strips your skin of the necessary oils in the skin to retain moisture. Repeated use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser has been known to cause dermatitis in some cases. The ingredients in water or foam based non-alcoholic sanitiser are much less kind to the skin, allowing for the regular and repeated use of the sanitiser as required without causing serious damage to the skin.

3.      Fire hazards

An alcohol-free sanitiser is considered to be a far lower-risk fire hazard in comparison to a typical alcohol-based hand sanitiser. An alcohol-based sanitiser is flammable to the point that, in some areas of the world, stricter fire safety, measures must be put in place when they are installed. We consider this to be a serious risk to our customers, who are likely to be campers and hikers who may spend a considerable amount of time near open flames. To tend to a campfire or portable stove with hands covered with alcohol-based hand sanitiser is likely to be a serious, and likely unforeseen risk. If you’ve ever left your mask at home, or accidentally gone the wrong way in a supermarket – you know how difficult it is to adapt to the pandemic we now find ourselves in, and we hope to make it just a little easier & safer for our customers by offering an alcohol-free sanitiser.

Why doesn’t EVERYONE use alcohol-free?

Simply put, alcohol-free substitiutes do have major benefits over traditional hand sanitiser. However, many disreuputable sellers use “alcohol-free” as a vague marketing term – with the soplutions they offewr varying wildly in effectiveness. We at Kitzone have made sure we’re offering you an effective, high quality solution that’s easyon the hands and wallet by stocking Nilaqua’s waterless hand sanitiser. This is a trusted, well-known name in the field that we can offer KNOWING that we’re offering you the best alcohol-free alternative at the lowest price.


When weighing up the pros and cons, we believe alcohol-free lines up as the best hygiene solution to compliment our range of tactical, get-the-job-done items. Check out our sanitisers, and view our wide range of nutritional items (including the Maximuscle line of products), footwear (including Under Armour boots) and much much more at thekitzone.co.uk today, the first choice for tactical products in the UK.

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