Essential Gear Guide

Essential Gear Guide

Essential Gear Guide

Kitzone is proud to stock the ‘Essential Gear’ line of products, brought to you by Top Of The Range. This collection of priority survival equipment strikes the perfect balance between quality and price in a utilitarian form factor. For consistent gear you can depend upon, we’ll always recommend Essential Gear. Read on to learn about some of our favourite products in the line, and why you might want to consider them.


For nighttime nomads and spelunkers alike, a waterproof headtorch is an essential piece of gear, but many on the market are of dubious durability. With the Essential Gear Waterproof Headtorch, you can trust its water-resisting capabilities thanks to an IP65 rating. This means not only is the torch waterproof, but it also is dust-tight, with full protection against dust and other particulates. This torch comes with both a white and red light, n=both of which can be activated separately in strobe or continuous modes. This is a perfectly versatile piece of kit that deserves a place in your backpack today.


If you’ve read our bootcare guide, you’ll know the importance of keeping the leather on your feet in pristine condition. For bootcare products you can depend upon, we’ll always recommend this shoe brush set from the Essential Gear range. Both brushes are made from the highest quality natural bristle and lotus wood, sourced from ONLY sustainable sources. With two shoe brushes, you can make sure your boots receive a properly separated polish and buff. For the low price of £1.89, we’d recommend buying two of this two shoe brush set; allowing you to have a separate brush for wash colour application and a spare for whenever you might need it. When it comes to bootcare, look no further than our site. Combine this excellent shoe brush set with one of quality shoe polish products from trusted brands such as Boot Repair Co. to keep your boots in pristine condition today.


Dealing with spills and hygiene whilst braving the outdoors can be an absolute chore. Regular towels don’t dry fast enough, are cumbersome and can add considerable weight to your load if still retaining moisture. One of the most innovative products in the Essential Gear range offers a solution: the microfibre travel towel. This lightweight towel can absorb up to 9x it’s own weight in liquid and dries up to 8x faster. Thanks to its anti-bacterial treatment, it can also reduce odours. This microfibre travel towel is fast, reliable, dependable and will stay fresh for as long as you need it, and is currently on offer. Grab this now, and save your self a camping trip’s worth of hassle in the future.

As you can see, the Essential Gear range offers you invaluable items at competitive prices, covering the gamut of outdoor expeditions. From flip flops to watches, you can’t go wrong with an Essential Gear product. Shop our stock of Essential Gear today, right here at thekitzone.co.uk.

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