How effective is hand sanitizer?

How effective is hand sanitizer

How effective is hand sanitizer?

From a young age, we’re taught how to wash our hands before and after meals and playing outside. As we get older, this doesn’t change and we need to keep our hands clean to avoid spreading germs and getting sick. Today, we are amid a pandemic and hand-washing and sanitising is more important than it ever has been. A question that has been posted on many occasions is: how effective is hand sanitiser?


Well, in the absence of soap and water, hand sanitiser is a worthy alternative. Not only does hand sanitiser effectively eliminate germs, but it’s also the perfect solution when you are on the move. If you are in public spaces and have no access to soap and water to wash your hands every time you touch door handles or chairs, you need to have something else to help – insert hand sanitiser here!

The Benefits Of Hand Sanitizer

There are five major benefits to using hand sanitiser regularly, aside from the fact that we are in the middle of dealing with a global pandemic! Halting the spread of Coronavirus is vital for all of us, and the benefits of regular hand sanitiser use include:

  1. Cleanliness. It may sound obvious, but hand sanitiser sanitises your hands – these are products designed to completely kill germs, and they do 99.9% of the time. If you’re preparing or eating food, around animals, taking out the trash or touching public door handles, hand sanitiser is a must. It can be used in addition to soap and water, or it can be used in place of it when you’re away from plumbing!
  2. Easy To Move. Hand sanitiser can go with you wherever you are. You can get travel bottles of hand sanitiser to take with you to work, you can keep it in the kitchen and the bathroom. You can even keep some at work. There is always a time you’ll need it and you can take it anywhere.
  3. Shareable. Hand sanitiser is perfect as a solution in group settings. In the classroom, in the office and in any space with lots of foot traffic, hand sanitiser will be something you could use. It can be used by all!
  4. Reduced Risk. Coronavirus saw hand sanitiser selling out everywhere, but during flu season especially, hand sanitizers can be helpful. If you sanitise multiple times throughout the day, you reduce your risk of sickness, especially in public situations.
  5. Great For Skin. If you are using a hand sanitiser with no alcohol, you’ll find your skin softer and moisturised. However, you want to choose the sanitiser with alcohol to neutralise germs and reduce the risk of bacteria spreading. The non-alcoholic version is great for cleanliness, but we’re aiming for bacteria-killing!


Soap and water are the go-to for removing the dirt and bacteria on your hands, but hand sanitiser is going to give you the chance to stay vigilant on the move. When you use hand sanitiser alongside face masks and social distancing, you’re going to kill germs on the move!

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