Isotonic Improvements: How Gel Improves your Performance

Isotonic Gels 2021

Isotonic Improvements: How Gel Improves your Performance

A new year brings a chance for improvements. Fitness is all about improvement. Through hard work and careful planning, you can hit new heights for yourself you never thought possible. Many settle for protein shakes and a balanced diet, but if you’re looking to push yourself to the limit you’ll need every advantage you can get. Here at KitZone, we sell “Science In Sports” Isotonic Gels, designed to help you achieve the ultimate performance. Learn more about them below!

What is isotonic Gel?

An isotonic beverage contains the same particulates at the same concentration as your bloodstream. Isotonic drinks are designed to aide and improve the intake of the essential minerals, water and nutrients that your body needs to replace what the body uses during a workout. An isotonic gel is designed to improve hydration and the proper intake of glucose, sodium and et cetera to improve your endurance.

Benefits of Isotonic Gel.

Isotonic gel allows you to push yourself harder for longer. Treat your isotonic gel like a boost of energy, rather than a hydration product. They could be considered a highly concentrated energy drink that, once diluted, serves as an incredibly beneficial supply of the essential minerals and components your body needs to operate at peak performance.

If taken around an hour before exercise, they will boost your blood sugar levels and slowly release the aforementioned essentials that will keep your body functioning effectively across long periods.

The gel can have major benefits during endurance exercise and events. This would include marathons, cross country and cycling. When combined with proper hydration isotonic gels should help reduce fatigue across the event.


If you’re looking to try out isotonic gels for your routine, look no further. Science In Sport was one of the first names in the field of gel-based isotonic nutrients and have continued to perfect their craft with seven gorgeous flavours now available in this one low-cost pack. Drinking 1-3 gels per hour to deliver approximately 60 grams of carbohydrate and maximize carbohydrate utilization rates. This will be an easy task with flavours to suit any set of tastebuds, including:

  • Apple
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Orange
  • Blackcurrant
  • Tropical
  • Pineapple
  • Grapefruit

Science in Sport are pioneers in the isotonic gel field, creating healthy and efficient products under the belief that the most sophisticated piece of sports equipment body. Their high-performance nutritional products that we stock here at KitZone are the best on the market, so check them out today.

Here at The KitZone, we stock a variety of nutritional products for your exercise and camping needs. To browse our range of top-quality isotonic gels, protein supplements and more click here. We offer these products from a variety of trusted providers, including Grenade, UFIT and of course Science in Sport. Read more about our protein supplements here, or carry on to our brands page for the top camping gear and fitness products you’ll love!

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