Jetboil Zip™ – A Must Have Companion

Jet boil Zip

Jetboil Zip™ – A Must Have Companion

Today we’re going to look at one of our favourite must have products: the Jetboil Zip.

Whether you’re wild camping, hiking, trekking or even a leisurely stroll in the countryside, the Jetboil Zip™ can provide for all your cooking and hot water needs.

We all know a cup of tea, coffee or a hot meal become your best friends after a few hours into your travels but trying to gather firewood and set up a traditional campfire can be a time consuming and sometimes impractical task.

The Jetboil Zip™ is the essential piece of cookware kit that every adventurer needs in their backpack. A tried-and-true personal cooking system, this reliable, no-frills option is an efficient, compact and affordable way to make each of your outings that much more comfortable, allowing you to focus on your time outdoors.

Using patented FluxRing technology the Zip has a larger heating surface for greater energy distribution, boiling a full cup in only 2 minutes and 30 seconds! The included cosy ensures your drink stays insulated to keep your water hot and your hands cool. And with all the accessories packed away inside the cup, there is no better choice for efficiency, versatility and ease of use. The Jetboil Zip is our only choice, and it should be yours too.

Jetboil Zip™ – Simple to use

Thanks to Jetboil Zip™’s compact size it is an easy carry wherever your adventures may lead you. Not much larger than your average sports bottle, the entire Jetboil cooking system will fit neatly into any good backpack.

The Jetboil Zip™ packs away all its accessories inside of itself, minimizing the amount of space taken up, allowing you to pack more gear, equipment, and maybe even a luxury or two.

In a simple process you can go from being packed away to boiling water in just minutes.

The Unpack:

Step 1: Take off the bottom cap. This protects and encloses the heating mechanism during travel, but also doubles as a measuring cup or small bowl. Unscrew this cap and place to the side.
Step 2: Take off the silicone lid from the top. This keeps the water in and nature out. You’ll see a series of small holes on one side where this lid can be used as a strainer for pasta or rice. On the opposite side is a larger single opening for pouring or drinking from.
Step 3: Take out your Jetboil Jetfuel 100g gas cannister from inside. (Jetboil Gas sold separately). The dimensions of the Jetboil Zip™ can perfectly fit a 100g gas cannister inside, ready to be used at a moment’s notice. This can hold enough gas to boil around 15 full 0.8L cups, more than enough for any single day out or overnight stays.
Step 4: Unpack the included stand that ensures a stable cooking rig whether on flat or uneven ground. Always be careful to ensure the stability of your Jetboil cooking system before proceeding to light and boil.
Step 5: And lastly, unpack the burner, this is the attachment that screws onto your Jetboil gas cannister, and which your Jetboil Zip™ sits atop.

The Setup:

Step 6: Clip your Jetboil 100g gas cannister into the fuel cannister stabilizer.

Step 7: Take your burner and flip out the metal locking key underneath. This needs to be unfolded before you can successfully attach the gas.  Now, carefully screw the burner onto the 100g gas cannister. You should hear a slight hiss as gas is released upon screwing it on, be swift to ensure not too much gas escapes during this part, but a small amount is to be expected.

Step 8: With burner attached to the gas cannister, and the cannister sitting solidly on its stand, you can now light the burner. On the underside of the burner is a dial, this adjusts your gas flow. Jetboil Zip™ is to be lit with matches or a lighter, so adjust the dial until a stream of gas is flowing out of the cannister and ignite with the match.

Step 9: Now the flame is burning steadily we can place the Jetboil on top. Make sure the bottom is aligned so that it sits snugly on top of the burner, then twist and lock it into place, so the water can boil securely and safely. Make sure the Jetboil Zip™ has water inside the cup before placing on the flame so as not to damage the container itself.

Alternatively, Step 8 and Step 9 can be reversed: It is possible to set up the Jetboil Zip™ first and then to light it when you are done. Caution should be taken however as the build up of gas between the cup and burner can create an excessively large flame upon lighting.

Step 10:  Along the side of the Jetboil Zip™ cup is two black strips that act as the element, when these strips turn orange, the same colour as the background behind them, your water is boiled and ready for use.

And there you have it, the Jetboil Zip™ is successfully unpacked, lit and boiling away ready for your desire. It can be handy to practice this set-up without lighting the burner to simply get used to how the pieces fit together. But it is so simple that after a few attempts you’ll be confident at taking it out to use on your next adventure, and probably show off to all of your friends!

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