New Year, New Shine – Valsetz Boot Care Guide

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New Year, New Shine – Valsetz Boot Care Guide

As we’ve discussed many times recently, the Under Armour Valsetz RTS 1.5 Boots are some of the finest available on the market. Comfy, lightweight and ready to respond to action, the Valsetz are a great pair of tactical boots. Our expert team has you covered if you want to make sure your new Under Armour boots live a long life.

Learn how to care for your Under Armour Valsetz boots below with The KitZone.

How to Break in your Valsetz Boots?

The Valsetz Boots are incredibly comfortable and do not require breaking in. You can expect a blister-less experience at the correct size, with a buoyant spring to your step thanks to the TPU shank and a price of just £110!

How to Clean your Valsetz Boots?

The Under Armour Valsetz RTS 1.5 Boots are made from lightweight yet durable synthetic leather that offers incredible flexibility and performance in tactical situations. Unlike traditional leather boots, the synthetic leather utilised does not require frequent polishing. Cleaning your Under Armour Valsetz boots is a simple matter that you can accomplish with everyday household items in most cases!

To wipe away dirt and grime from your boots and keep them shining, all you need is a sponge and ordinary dish soap. When applied in moderation, this method will leave no resultant damage on the shoe. In cases of severe scuffs and stains, you can use polish.

How to Polish Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots

To polish the synthetic leather Valsetz boots, we’d recommend a few items available for sale at the KitZone. These are:

First, use the first brush to clean any serious dirt that cant be removed with a sponge. Then, apply a small amount of polish to a cloth. When polishing synthetic leather boots, do not work the leather into the material. Instead, much like regular polishing, the aim is to create a layer of polish atop the boot. Next, apply polish to the marked area, using a wet cloth if necessary to ensure a minimal amount of polish is used. You can then use the second brush to buff and shine.

Check out our popular boot care guide for more information on proper boot care.


As you can see, taking care of your new pair of Under Armour Valsetz RTS 1.5 Boots is as easy as can be! The KitZone is home to a wide range of tactical boots and boot care equipment for sale, perfect for everyone from the avid hiker to the first responder. Browse our complete range of camping products for sale today, or learn more about tactical boots and more with our guides.

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