Nutrition Bars You Need- Grenade

Nutrition bars you need- Grenade

Nutrition Bars You Need- Grenade

Who are Grenade?

Grenade is a well-known fitness brand that was founded in 2010. The founders, Alan and Juliet Barratt had one mission which was to create an iconic weight-loss product. When Grenade launched, their first product was so effective, and this is where they got the name ‘Grenade’ from as it was described as explosive like a grenade. Grenade has a multi-award-winning product range which is available in over 80 countries!

Grenades best-selling product: Carb Killa

Here at The KitZone, we stock a variety of Grenade’s best-selling products, including their Carb Killa protein bars. There’s a reason why they’re the best-selling product, and they have many great qualities like low sugar and a wide flavour range that keeps on expanding! We are certain you’ll find your new favourite nutrition bar in our range of Grenade Carb Killa bars.

High in protein

As we all know, protein plays a big part when it comes to your diet. Protein bars don’t just have to be used by people who go to the gym or frequent exercisers. Everyone needs a bit of protein in their diet in order to grow and help your body repair quickly. With these protein bars, you can replace your unhealthy snack options, giving you a healthier alternative to curb the cravings!

Low in sugar

Everyone gets a sweet tooth every now and then, and it’s sometimes hard to say no when there’s an aisle of sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks in front of you whilst doing your weekly shop. Our Grenade Carb Killa bars will still satisfy your cravings whilst being low in sugar. Each bar has less than 2g of sugar, compared to an average bar of chocolate which has four times the amount of sugar. How about that! It’s time to switch it up and add the Grenade Carb Killa bars into your diet.

Eat them anywhere

Our Grenade bars are so small they can fit anywhere, so there’s no excuse not to take them out with you on your travels. They make the most convenient travel snack and will give you an energy boost when you need it the most. These protein bars are so much more than fuel after your gym session.

Have you still not been persuaded to try our Grenade Carb Killa protein bars?

More often than not, when you hear the words’ low in sugar,’ you think that the product won’t be as tasty as those that are full of sugar. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Grenade Carb Killa bars are coated in Belgian chocolate and packed with three indulgent layers. Here at The KitZone, we stock 12 innovative flavours for you to choose from, even a birthday cake flavour! Wake up on your birthday and snack on a Carb Killa Birthday Cake bar before your day is filled with sweet treats.

The flavours that we offer include:
– White chocolate salted peanut
– White chocolate cookie
– Peanut butter & jelly
– Jaffa quake
– Fudged up
– Fudge Brownie
– Dark chocolate raspberry
– Dark chocolate mint
– Cookies & cream
– Cookie Dough
– Caramel chaos
– Birthday cake

If you like the sound of our Grenade Carb Killa bars, take a look at our Grenade Carb Killa Protein Shakes, we sell these in packs of 8, and there are 6 delicious flavours to choose from!

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