Putting “U” First: UFIT Nutrition Guide

UFIT nutiriton guide

Putting “U” First: UFIT Nutrition Guide

This week, we are continuing with the ‘putting U first’ blog series. Set up by ex-service personnel, we have an eye for the kind of detail that makes the difference between good kit and great kit. Our mission is to supply great kits and premium brands. Our extensive range of camping gear is made to keep you marching on at a fair price, no strings attached. This week, we’ll show you how we put the “U” in “nUtrition” with our array of quality UFIT diet and exercise products.

What is UFIT?

UFIT are the leading UK supplier of top quality on-the-go nutritional products for your dietary and exercise needs. UFIT products are carefully crafted to deliver you perfect taste, nutritional value and price in a portable package. UFIT offers a wide range of protein quantities, flavours and more – so you can rest assured knowing there’s a UFIT product for your needs. Learn more about just a few of these quality drinks and snacks below:

UFIT 50g Protein Shake – 6x500ml

UFIT protein shakes are designed to offer you the power you need to keep marching through the morning to the night. UFIT Protein drinks are packed with 50g of protein goodness alongside additional fibre, vitamins and minerals to ensure you’re working under optimal conditions. UFIT protein shakes come in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavours for a delicious and healthy treat, perfect for dreary mornings in the British countryside. Low in fat and naturally rich in amino acids, UFIT milkshakes are the drink you need with you in the field to keep you going.

UFIT Crunchers High Protein Crisps – 11x35g

Crunchers are perfect for crunching whilst you crunch fittingly enough. These super healthy popped soy crisp snacks are only 157 calories but densely packed with over 8g of protein, making them the ideal after-gym booster to help you tackle the day ahead in full stride. Vegan-friendly, with low saturated fats and high fibre, make these a guilt-free delicacy that comes in a variety of mouth-watering flavours, including Thai Sweet Chilli, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion and more. For the perfect snack no matter where you are, at a price that puts “U” first, buy now!

UFIT Protein Health Drink: Iced Latte – 8x310ml

Nothing is more refreshing than an iced coffee. Breakfast, lunch and anytime in-between or after is the perfect time for a refreshing cold coffee. When 100% of real Arabica coffee is combined with 22g of protein and all the vitamins you need, you get a UFIT protein health drink that’s as healthy as it is delicious. When you combine this with a competitive price, you have a KitZone product that puts “U First”, waiting for you right here on our site.


As you can see, our stock of Ufit protein shakes and snacks here at KitZone truly put the “U” in nUtrition. For delicioUs, nUtritioUs products like this, alongside quality camping gear and equipment from a brand you love, shop with The KitZone today.

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