Saga of Our Supplements: History of Grenade

History of grenade

Saga of Our Supplements: History of Grenade

Many will know the exact nutritional value of every supplement, shake and bar in their backpack – in order to ensure that they’re getting the exact nutritional values their bodies’ need. Many, however, won’t know the history of the products. Grenade is well-known for its high-quality protein supplements, loud and proud marketing and consistently competitive price. But how did they get where they are today? Learn about the history of Grenade and some of our favourite Grenade products here in this KitZone article.

The Origins of Grenade

Grenade is the invention of Alan and Juliet Barratt, founded in 2010. Grenade’s story, however, began much earlier than that. Alan Barratt had always been fascinated with weightlifting and muscle-building, and a keen eye for business. He would sell leftover stock from the Cadbury & Mr. Kipling lorries his dad would work on. In the end, however, Alan Barratt became the first of his family to buck the trend of joining the heavy vehicle maintenance industry. He dropped out of his A-levels and began his first supplement company Fusion, a supplier to local gyms.

The True Beginning of Grenade

Alan Barratt met his wife, Juliet, in 2003 whilst working on Fusion. Soon, both of them were eager to work on their own range of supplements.  Fusion was solid in 2009, and the funds generated were used to launch Grenade. 2010 was an explosive year for Grenade, no pun intended, with the release of the Thermo Detonator weight management product launching them to early award-winning success. The product line continued to grow and expand, with marketing campaigns such as the Grenade Tank cementing them as a popular brand in gym-goers minds.

The Success of Grenade

In 2014, Grenade made the decision to include food products in their line up. Grenade began work on a protein bar developed from the ground up, unlike may competitors who would use “off the shelf” protein bars. This released in 2015 as the “Carb Killa® Protein Bar”, which we stock here at The KitZone. This top-quality protein bar is the best-selling across the UK, with Grenade dominating shelves and market share. The Carb Killa® range of bars, shakes and more remain ever-popular and are making their debut in more and more countries internationally each year.

Which Grenade Products For You?

No matter your profession or exercise routine, if you’re looking to improve your self Grenade can help. Here at The KitZone, we stock a variety of Grenade nutritional products. The Carb Killa range of protein bars and shakes in a variety of flavours are the perfect choice for muscle gain, for example, and the classic Thermo Detonator is a tried & trusted weight loss supplement.

No matter which Grenade products you choose, trust The KitZone. We are the UK’s trusted supplier of exercise and camping gear, including Reebok and Under Armour tactical. Trust us for your range of protein supplements, including UFIT, Grenade and more for sale today.

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