Saga of Our Supplements: History of Maximuscle

History of Maximuscle

Saga of Our Supplements: History of Maximuscle

Maximuscle has grown into a strong contender in the UK supplements market, with their range being known for strict testing and powerful flavour that makes it a hot item for competing athletes. The Maximuscle range is arguably the largest supplement brand across the European Continent, but the tale of how it got there and its iconic founder Zef Eisenberg gives us an insight into what it takes to deliver exceptional products. Interested in learning more about one of our top supplement brands for sale at The Kitzone? Read on to explore the history of Maximuscle.

Zef Eisenberg: Founder of Maximuscle

Born on the 22nd of March, 1973 in the London Borough of Merton, Zef Eisenberg was a true trailblazer in every sense of the world. Television Presenter, Guinness World Record Holder, Ultra-speed Motorcyclist and founder of the Maximuscle brand; not many have a CV like that!

Zef’s passion for innovation in the supplements industry began at an early age. Eisenberg left school at 15 to take a job in a health shop. He had developed a passion for fitness in high school that led him towards a competitive bodybuilder career at the time. The discounts available on supplements for employees made this job a no brainer.

His passion for sports nutrition was only equalled by his love for engineering, He studied at a design and technology college in Barnet, north London, after his GCSEs. From robots to record setting motorbikes, Eisenberg was an incredible engineer and daring racer who break countless world records throughout his lifetime and hosted the ITV4 show “Speed Freaks”, where his infectious enthusiasm thrust him to fame.

Maximuscle: A Summary

Eisenberg was not only an engineer but a fully qualified gym instructor. His later education focussed on a specialisation in nutrition, with two years of endocrinological research at the British Medical Research Centre and Pharmaceutical Association under his belt.

Eisenberg has been sincerely missed by those around him, including the sports supplement industry, after his untimely death on the 1st of October last year. At just age 47, his car flipped and crashed whilst attempting a British land speed record at RAF Elvington, Yorkshire.

Eisenberg was always one to put his passion and intelligence to good use, writing a monthly magazine and self-published book on the topic of sports nutrition in 1993. The book was a hit, providing the essential funds needed by Zef to begin his journey as an entrepreneur. He began to sell supplements to other bodybuilders.

While working at the store, Eisenberg wrote a monthly newsletter on the science of nutrition and, in 1993, self-published a book on the same topic. Eisenberg used the profits from the book to start supplying protein supplements to other bodybuilders. This formed the foundation for what would become Maximuscle as we know it in 1995.

Maximuscle was propelled in but a short period of time to massive popularity thanks to their 100% money-back guarantee and innovative testing procedures. They now remain as a part of Maxicorp after one of the biggest nutrition buyouts in history, with their protein bars and powders remaining staples of the industry.


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