Tactical Multitools For Everyday Use

Multi tools for everyday use

Tactical Multitools For Everyday Use

Here at The Kit Zone, we have multitools and padlocks that come in handy for your everyday activities. This blog will discuss the importance of multitools and some of our products available.

Why are multitools handy to have?

Multitools are a great tool to take wherever you go. Even though it’s a single tool, it can do more than one job. You don’t have to carry individual tools, making it much more convenient for you, especially if you are limited with space. Multitools can, in some circumstances, be small enough and lightweight to fit in wallets or purses, making them suitable for on the go.

Why are padlocks useful?

Padlocks add extra security to your belongings. They can be used as a prevention to robbery. Padlocks are convenient to use and mostly an affordable way to add a little extra security to your valuables. Some come with a key, and some have resettable combinations in which you choose a number sequence to unlock the padlock. They are usually quite small. They’re a great addition to your outdoor gear essentials list. Secure a padlock, and keep safe for the summer. Easy.

Stirling padlocks

If you’re looking for a reliable, everyday use padlock that can be used on luggage and lockers. We stock three types of Stirling padlocks. None of these padlocks requires a key. The Stirling CPL131 padlock and Stirling CPL141 padlock. Both are very similar. The difference between the two is that the CPL131 padlock is 30mm, and the CPL141 is 40mm. Who would have thought it? Listed below are some features:

  • Bright coloured aluminium body- Mainly to prevent losing it or spotting it in dark rooms.
  • Corrosion-resistant- The Stirling Padlocks can be used outdoors for the use of outbuildings and sporting equipment.
  • They have a single locking steel shackle.
  • For more features of the CPL131 padlock and to see an image of dimensions, click here. For more features of the CPL141 padlock, click here.

Another Stirling padlock we stock is the CPL120A Padlock. It is suitable for outdoor use and has 1,000 different number combinations you can choose from. See our Stirling CPL120A Padlock today!

Essential Gear padlocks by Top Of The Range

We stock two Essential Gear padlocks, they both do the same job, but one is slightly smaller than the other. Each padlock comes with two keys, which is ideal in case you misplace one. Check these out here. Essentials like these crop up when recommending different ways to keep you safe during outdoor adventures. It seems so simple, but they are often overlooked.

Leatherman multitools

When you are looking into a multitool for everyday use,  Leatherman screams quality. Suitable for everyday use and adaptable for travelling, they’re ticking boxes for everyone. From cutting wires to opening a can, we’ve got you covered with our Leatherman range. You’ll be able to do everything with the satisfaction of it being in one place, one tool. Our Leatherman products come with a 25-year warranty.

The Leatherman Rev multitool has 14 built-in tools and can easily fit in your pocket. Here are just a few of its amazing tools:

  • Wire cutters
  • Package opener
  • Small screwdriver
  • Bottle opener

To see the ten other tools and the measurements for the apparatus, check them out here.

Leatherman Wingman Tool.

For jobs around the house or at a campsite, the Leather Wingman tool will be your best friend. It has newly-designed spring-action jaws to act as your perfect wingman when trying your luck with camping fixes. Some of its tools include:

  • 420HC combo knife
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Wire stripper
  • Wood/metal file.

To see the Leatherman wingman tools for the apparatus, check them out here.

To see our full range of Multitools and padlocks, including our Victorinox range, click here. Alternatively, have a read of our other recent blogs today!

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