The History of Sea to Summit

The History of Sea to Summit

The KitZone is a leading supplier of outdoor equipment for a variety of needs. Our outdoor and exercise equipment stock comes from leading brands in various sectors, but one key selling point always rings true. Trust. When you’re out on a hike, climb or bike, you need to place your trust in your equipment and know in your heart it will help you succeed. If you’re looking for climbing equipment for sale that you can trust wholeheartedly, look no further than Sea to Summit. Why is this? What makes Sea to Summit equipment so unique? Learn all this below with The KitZone.

What is Sea To Summit?

Sea to Summit is a leading provider of Mountaineering and Hiking gear based and founded in Australia. From camping utensils to specialised hiking socks, Sea to Summit is renowned for its fantastic quality designs perfected over three decades in business. Sea to Summit was founded in the 90s by two great men: Roland Tyson and Tim Macartney-Snape. Their amazing story and the story of Sea To Summit are closely entwined. Once you read about their feats, you’ll understand why many KitZone customers place their trust in Sea to Summit.

The Founders’ Story

Tim Macartney-Snape was born on January 5th 1956, in Tanzania, known at the time as Tanganyika Territory. Macartney-Snape spent his early life away from his parents, learning at Geelong Grammar School, Australia. Tim pursued a scientific career from here, graduating from the Australian National University with a BSc. Tim was a proud adventurer and mountaineer throughout his life, from his time at Geelong’s outdoor education campus known as Timbertop to his tenure in the ANU Mountaineering Club.

In October 1984, Tim began an ascent with Greg Mortimer to become the first Australians to climb Mount Everest. This climb was an impressive feat, being the first across the notoriously tricky North face and Norton Couloir with no supplemental oxygen.

Many would be happy with this one inhuman feat alone. But not Tim Macartney-Snape. In 1990, Tim set out to climb Everest once more, starting from the very bottom of the mountain at sea level. Tim Macartney-Snape was going to climb Mount Everest from Sea to Summit; all he needed was the right equipment.

Enter Roland Tyson. In his own right, Roland was a keen adventurer. He had been making his own mountaineering gear with a vintage sewing machine since 1983. Tim Macartney-Snape required top-quality equipment capable of surviving the entire range of altitudes this trip would offer whilst remaining lightweight enough for a 5-month journey. There was only one Australian he could trust with this monumental task, and that was Roland Tyson.

The trip was a resounding success, and so was the equipment. The equipment was so effective on this trip that Tim and Roland joined forces to create a company that would bring this fantastic equipment to the international market. In honour of Tim’s iconic climb, the name “Sea to Summit” was chosen for this new company.


There you have it! The history of Sea to Summit. Sea top Summit continues to sell top-quality camping and mountaineering products to this day, which you can find for sale right here at The KitZone alongside other leading brands. For Sea to Summit, Under Armour Tactical, Reebok Tactical and more outdoor and fitness products, browse our range today.

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