Walk into Summer in the 1000-mile sock!

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Walk into Summer in the 1000-mile sock!

Summer is here and we’re all itching to get our walking boots on and set off into the great British countryside to enjoy it at its fullest. Before you get those boots on, we would like to bring your attention to the amazing and innovative 1000-mile sock!

Why everyone loves the 1000-mile sock!

The 1000-mile sock range has been developed over the past 20years to ensure comfort and durability every step of the way.

The first to innovate with double sock technology, the 1000-mile sock is known for it’s blister free design, breathability and durability. In the double layer sock an inner sock fits over your feet, whilst the outer layer moves between your foot and the boot, eliminating all the friction that would have rubbed against your skin and caused it to blister.

Once the 1000-mile sock removed the barrier that blisters provide for many an avid hiker it was time to ramp up the technology and re-invent the sock.

Advances in modern fibre’s ensures that many of the 1000-mile sock range are twice as soft and twice as light as most other fibres. They can dry up to 8-times faster than cotton socks which is essential for those rainy days and our wet British weather.

Some of the fabrics are even designed to be anti-odour, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Offering lightweight comfort that is both breathable and hygienic, allowing your feet to stay fresher for longer as you spend your hours adventuring across the landscape.

1000-mile Combat Sock (Twin Pack)

The 1000-mile combat sock is a single layer sock that offers astounding comfort and temperature control thanks to its soft and breathable fibres making them suited to military and service members who need to spend all day with boots on their feet.

Specially crafted ventilation zones along the top of the foot allows the foot to breath easily and regulate its own temperature so that your feet don’t burn up or be adversely affected by moisture from sweating all day long.

Arch bracing technology provides additional support to these socks, creating a custom fit with no chance of them slipping down halfway through your walk.

And the padded toe and heel combines with a flat toe seam to prevent that uncomfortable feeling of walking on the end of your sock and reduces the friction against the skin and decreases the chance of blistering.

An amazing all-round sock designed for comfort and durability for anyone engaged in an active life-style, click through to order yours today.

Under Armour Tactical Boots – The Perfect Companion

Now we’ve discovered the perfect sock, let’s find the perfect boot to put it in.

At TheKitZone we highly recommend our Under Armour Tactical Valsetz Police Boot.

If we have comfortable, lightweight and durable socks then we need comfortable, lightweight and durable boots and they don’t get comfier than the Tactical Valsetz.

When designing the Tactical Valsetz, Under Armour wanted to create a highly durable boot without sacrificing the comfort you would find in running shoes, as well as being able to safely support and meet the needs of our service men and women. And boy, did they deliver.

Under Armour Tactical Police Boots are created from a lightweight and durable synthetic leather, allowing for such a feeling of comfort you might forget that you’re wearing them.

The toe cap is a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is rated to prevent 200-joules of impact ensuring your toes stay protected whether working in uniform or out crossing the peaks, you’ll stay comfortable and safe in these boots.

Comprising of a UA ClutchFit™ ankle support system you will know you are supported when you feel it hug your contours and keep your ankle stable without having to sacrifice on your levels of comfort.

The Under Armour Tactical Valsetz are a great companion when paired with the 1000-mile tactical socks, as both are breathable and comfortable and the Tactical Boots have an anti-microbial Ortholite® sock to ensure there is no bacterial growth, keeping your feet and your boots as fresh as ever.

For a combination of comfort, durability and lightweight travel there is really no better combination than the 1000-mile combat sock when paired with the Under Armour Tactical Valsetz.

Other Essential Walking Kit

Now you have the best socks and the best boots in town to keep your adventures going all throughout the summer! So, whilst you’re preparing for your adventures why not check out our amazing stock selection and see what other treasures we have in store for you!

Here are a few of our favourite recommendations:

PYRAMID TREK 50 SPRAY – 60ML – We all hate the bugs that swarm in summer, keep them at bay with this excellent insect repellent.

WATERLESS NILAQUA HAND SANITISER PLUS 55ML – You’ll never know when you to quickly clean. Non-flammable and non-toxic this safe to use sanitizer can keep your hands clean all day long whilst out in the field.

TOP OF THE RANGE FIRST AID KIT – MTP – It’s best to be prepared for all occasions, anything can happen whilst walking, even in the relatively gentle countryside of the UK. This first aid kit will see to all your minor injury needs.

TOP OF THE RANGE – DRINKS BOTTLE – BLACK – 750ML – Staying hydrated should be a top priority for anyone undertaking any adventure or exercise. Ensure you’re always hydrated with this sleek drink bottle.

FIRST TACTICAL SUMMIT SIDE SATCHEL – And finally, we need somewhere to store all our gear, this excellent side satchel is the perfect addition to place in those small items that you need to get to quickly without having to dig through your main backpack.

So, there you have it, our amazing 1000-mile shoes will help you walk into summer in comfort, especially if they’re wrapped inside the perfect companion Under Armour Tactical Boot. And top off your adventure with some extra essential kit from here at TheKitZone, the one stop shop for all your tactical and adventuring needs.

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