What do You Need in your Backpack for Camping?

Essential Camping Gear

What do You Need in your Backpack for Camping?

Camping relies on instinct and extensive knowledge at every part of the journey. This begins right away, with the itinerary & inventory. Deciding what to put in your kit, and when you’ll need it, can be a daunting task for first-time campers. Striking the balance between weight and utility requires a lot of intuition that beginners simply won’t have. Luckily for you, The KitZone has put together a list of essential kit you’ll want in any backpack.


No matter the journey, a carabiner will treat you right. A carabiner is a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate, designed to safely secure essential equipment. Whilst designed for rock climbing, many pieces of camping equipment on the market today, including those for sale at The KitZone, can easily be secured with a carabiner. From rope to water bottles, if you need some secured to yourself, your bag or anything else- a carabiner has you covered.

This Essential Gear Carabiner features a locking mechanism that’s ideal for keeping an item in place. The price is low, the build dependable and the design sleek. When you also take into account these carabiners come in a two-pack – you have a product you’d be a fool not to have on you when you camp.


As we discussed in our Bivvy Guide, a bungee cord can be the difference between life and death when things turn south. Strong and powerful bungee cords can support a tarp or even leaves for an improvised shelter. Essential Gear features super durable elastic bungees and strong steel hooks for absolute security. Simply put, if you’re camping you need bungee cord.


Swiss Army Knives are renowned for their utilitarian design. The importance of a multitool whilst camping cannot be understated, and this classic design has been perfected over decades to be as efficient and durable as possible. From a can & bottle opener to a screwdriver, this multitool packs every item you’ll wish you had in your bag into a 58mm package. When it comes to multitools, there are none more acclaimed than the swiss army knife.


Your head is one of the first body parts to feel the cold, and one of the most susceptible to lower temps. Up to 30-35% of heat can be lost at 0 degrees from the head. When you’re investing in thermal headgear, trust the Dexshell beanie. This piece of tactical headgear offers excellent performance in cold conditions thanks to its engineered construction technology. This beanie is both completely waterproof and windproof, with no sacrifice to breathability thanks to the water repellent outer shell. This ensures your head remains dry and secure even in the toughest of conditions. The microfleece fabric on the inner provides incredible thermal protection. For a hat you can depend upon, trust DexShell.


We hope this guide has given you a rough idea of some of the essential items you’ll need in your backpack when you go camping for the first time. For more specific information on the equipment you’ll need based upon bag size, conditions and duration of your trip – stay tuned. The KitZone is home to a vast array of top-quality camping products, including Under Armour and Reebok Tactical, alongside essential camping advice. Browse our range of equipment or articles today!

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