Why you might need tactical boots

Why you might need tactical boots

Why you might need tactical boots

Tactical boots are heavy-duty boots, designed to withstand harsh conditions whilst keeping the user comfortable and agile. They are commonly designed for high performance in military service, security operations and matters of public safety. However, even if you’re not operating in one of these fields a pair of tactical may be the perfect choice for you.

Many of our tactical boots are made of leather or suede, such as our Reebok Dauntless 8″ Desert Sands which have a suede-leather construction. The material used in the overall construction of the boot has a massive impact on a longevity, and a leather or suede construction ensures you’re buying a pair of boots built to last. However, if you need a pair of boots you can get broke in quickly, for contract work or a short excursion, synthetic may be the way to go. A good compromise between longevity and a shoe you can quickly break in are our Reebok Dauntless 8″ Seamless Side Zips, with their upper seamless micro mesh. So, even outside of the aforementioned fields, if you’re in need of any shoe that can be easily broken in OR last a lifetime then a tactical boot may be for you.


The next important feature of a tactical boot is a supportive midsole. This allows for improved shock absorption. Many of our shoes use ethylene- vinyl acetate (EVA) or Polyurethane (PU) . EVA/PU is perfectly suited for reducing impact & strain upon feet, perfect for long distance running, marching or hikes. The Reebok Rapid Response 8″ Side Zips have a midsole perfectly designed for comfort, with a Insole Removable F2A Polyurethane Cushion Insert, allowing for replacement in case of damage (improving the lifespan of your boot dramatically) and a ‘Shock Eliminator’ Heel Cushion for even greater foot support.

We ensure the boots we sell at www.thekitzone.co.uk go the extra mile, so you can go the extra mile in unprecedented comfort. Most of our shoes have strong uppers and a side zip for a tight and comfortable shoe, which isn’t going to loosen over time. This ensures you can focus on the work at hand, not re-lacing every few hours. Check out any of our Reebok tactical boots for a shoe with a strong upper and a side zipper.

Another vital element of a tactical boot is the sole. The sole in a tactical boot is typically made of rubber, for further cushioning, slip prevention, increased grip and flexibility. This ensures ease of landing and propulsion in any situation, so your shoe never holds you back from what must be done. Our REEBOK RAPID RESPONSE RB8678 6″ TACTICAL Boots offer Mountain Trail Rubber Bottoms for perfect grip and a quiet approach, ensuring stealth in any situation.

Overall, whilst a tactical boot may be tailored to the active situation, its wide array of features makes it suitable for a multitude of tasks. It’s comfort-oriented midsole design is perfect for hiking or any situation where distance is a key factor, its military-first design could be perfect for realism in airsoft or any other combat sport, and our products’ tough and long-lasting design make these the perfect DIY multipurpose boot


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