Why You Need Stationary for The Outdoors

Why You Need Stationary for The Outdoors

Why You Need Stationary for The Outdoors

As the old saying goes – the pen is mightier than the sword. This is especially true when you’re in the outdoors, as pen and paper can be an absolute lifesaver in an emergency. Quality stationery deserves an important place in your backpack, and we’ll go over why that is and some of our finest examples of field stationery for your consideration.


The innocuous form favour of a pen makes it easy to carry, and conceal. This makes it a perfect emergency tool. The Uzi Tactical Defender Pen is one of the finest examples of a multi-purpose ballpoint pen. Inside this pen’s brushed aluminium casing (in either black or gunmetal) you will find a concealed handcuff key, which may have more uses than you’d think. The top of this pen, which conceals the handcuff key, has a glass breaker. A glass breaker is an invaluable tool that can quickly punch through car windows and other tough glass, allowing for easy escape or entry in case of an emergency. To top this all off, this pen uses a high-quality refill system to ensure it’ll last in the field. Its bulkier size may seem impractical, but it ensures a strong and controlled grip under gloves or in the cold. This pen is a must-have as part of an EDC.


When it comes to writing in the toughest of conditions, ‘Rite in The Rain’ is the trusted brand for all your notebook needs.  These durable notebooks are 100% waterproof, meaning you can write no matter where you are, and with over 100 universal pages in the notebook, you’ll always have space to write. Technology can only be pushed so far, and when you need a permanent record of some important information you can always rely on pen and paper.

Why do I need a pen and paper?

As aforementioned, a pen and paper is still the most reliable form of notetaking. A waterproof notebook allows you to take notes in any situation, and rest assured knowing you can access them whenever. That means no worrying about battery, connection or storage. Pen and paper note-taking is also scientifically proven to improve your ability to remember an item, far more than digital note-taking. It’s also far quicker to access, and avoids wasting precious battery for accessing GPS or emergency services from your phone when worst comes to worst.

If you’re a fan of the barebones, survivalist experience, the ability to note down landmarks, sketch and plan without touching a screen will be a major advantage to your hiking experience and helps you keep your mind focussed and alert.


As you can see, a pen and paper have a multitude of advantages when you’re out and about –  be it deep in the outdoors or just dealing with the challenges everyday life throws at you. For the best prices on tactical stationery and waterproof notebooks in the UK, and quality items for all your other outdoor needs – shop with KitZone today.




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